Conference Aftermath

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I’m currently sitting on a couch at SLQ’s The Edge, and had every intention of writing a comprehensive rundown of the 12s-24s@ Your Library conference while it was all still fresh in my mind.  I even have my bulgingly full notebook with me.  However, several weeks’ worth of sleep deprivation are getting the better of me (although I’m going to try to sleep away as much of the Sydney-LA flight as possible to make up my sleep debt).  I am feeling distinctly manky, at least in a mental sense, although the cold I’ve been having an off-and-on affair with for the last few weeks is threatening to settle in, right in time for the long-haul flight to DC.  Lovely.  So an actual meaty entry about all this will have to wait until I’m in a better mental state to unravel things (not to mention read my own handwriting, which is so appalling that I’ve been accused of writing with my feet in the past).

Presenting and attending the conference were wonderful experiences (and now I think I’ve got a taste for this kind of thing, which would bring the percentage of people in my household who write papers for and present at conferences up to 100%).  Leonee and I have met so many wonderful people and had such a good time.  It was great to meet new faces, and put faces to names I’d seen on e-lists or heard glowing things about.  It was also fantastic to be in an environment with so much enthusiasm and energy for library youth services provision; an absolute blessing, in fact.

There was a reasonable amount of live Tweeting happening (although I didn’t get around to much of it myself); if you’re curious, the hashtag is #12to24.  Leonee has also finally bowed down to the pressure to join Twitter; you can find her at @LeoneeAriel.

One of the things I’m planning to do when I get back, along with writing up a report about it all and thinking further about how I can turn what I’ve learned this weekend into concrete planning for my own library service, is to make a page on this website with the collection development information we shared in our presentation.  The slides we had were only a small sample of what we use for youth-focused collection development, but several people suggested that it would be a great thing to have easy access to, so I figure it will be good to have it as a working document here for anyone who’s interested, perhaps with a broader focus than our rather Melbourne-centric one.  If you’d like to have some input, feel free to contact me via email or twitter.

I jump on a plane tomorrow afternoon, and it looks like I’ll be meeting with the youth services manager of the DC Public Library while I’m in town, which is very exciting.  No rest for the wicked(ly nerdy librarian).

One of the things I find embarrassingly exciting about flying overseas is picking which books to take to read on the plane.  I’ve got a fair bit of YA on my TBR pile at the moment, including Karen Healey’s debut novel Guardian of the Dead, which I’m ridiculously excited about reading.  Expect some further reviews when I get back.


  1. kathryn said,

    13.06.10 at 4:01 pm

    Have fun! YA books are the best to read on the plane. Easy reading without having to resort to some lame romance or airport novel.

  2. Kath said,

    18.06.10 at 2:45 pm

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you Aimee, and the conference was thought provoking and re-energising.

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